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Highest Score At Guitar Rockschool Debut Exam

Highest Score At Guitar Rockschool Debut Exam

Highest Score At Rockschool Debut Exam

Here is William Foggin. He has just past his debut guitar exam with distinction, and has the highest marks of any of my students ever at this level.

Highest Score in Rockschool Exam

William passed his exam with a massive 98%. So congratulations to William. He is 12 years old and he has been having lessons for around 18 months. After learning to read music he decided he wanted to take his grades.  Rockschool exams are taken one to one with a Rockschool examiner and each grade is a worldwide recognised qualification.

William practises just 10 to 15 mins a day, and has an half hour lesson each week. This shows that great things can be achieved on the guitar with sort, but regular practise. When practising the  guitar or any musical instrument, it is better to practise in short, but often sessions than spending hours all at once and not picking the guitar up again for weeks. Why short regular practise sessions work best is down to your concentration period.

The Future for William

Having tutored many guitar players in Codsall over the years, many now playing in bands. Some of the guitarists I have taught and still teaching are playing regular gigs around the country. One guitarist I used to teach has recently had some exposure on BBC Radio with his band Spilt Milk Society. You may want to check them out here Spilt Milk Society Taking this into consideration William should have a very bright future if he remains focused on playing the guitar. He has now set a record high exam mark which is really going to take some beating. We have already started working on his grade one exam, and with William’s constant work rate. I do not think it will be long before William is back in the exam room taking his grade one exam.



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