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5 Tips for Better Guitar Practice

5 Tips for Better Guitar Practice

Guitar Lessons

5 Tips for Better Guitar Practice

1) Turn off your phone

Turn off your phone and internet and get away from other distractions. Unless the house is on fire or some other disaster is taking place everything else will have to wait until you have completed your practise time. We all have commitments, but we also need time to ourselves. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and have a music stand to work from if possible.

2) Same time everyday

Practice the same time everyday and make it a daily routine. You will soon get used to it and so will everyone else who maybe after your attention.

3) Guitar Lessons

Take some professional Guitar Lessons and work with your tutor on exercises that will improve your playing and technique. A good guitar teacher should be able to give you advice on how best to use your practice time in order to achieve you own goals.

4) Keep a record of your practice

Keep a record of your practice time short regular practise times are better than putting in 10 hours in one day. Make a note of what you have achieved maybe a new technique, scale, chord or nailed down a new song.

5) Pick up your guitar

Never leave a guitar in a case. It becomes a barrier between you and the guitar. A guitar that lives in a case will not get played nearly as much as one left on a guitar stand. Now Stop reading this turn off your phone and internet and pick up your guitar and practice something new.

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