AJ Green Guitar Tuition

Professional Guitar Tuition in the Wolverhampton area


Whether you are looking to learn for fun or perhaps follow a more academic course such as the Rockschool exams, I will be able to support you through to whatever goal you set yourself.

Levels of Competence

Beginner (Debut Grade – Grade 2)

Even if you have never picked up a guitar before you will come away from the first lesson with a basic understanding of the instrument, posture, tuning etc.  From there you will develop an understanding of chords, hand positions, notes and basic music reading and understanding.

Intermediate (Grades 3-5)

By this time you will be performing simple pieces at a competent level and really starting to enjoy the sound you are producing. You will have a good understanding of all the notes on the fret board and you will be eager to progress your learning as quickly as possible.  You will also be starting to understand improvisation.

Advanced (Grades 6-8)

Your understanding of the instrument is first class and form this point on we focus on interpretation and musicianship. You may want to perform pieces with other musicians.