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Guitar Lessons in School

Guitar Lessons in School

Guitar lessons in School

School Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons in school. This term Anthony will be running guitar lessons in schools around South Satffordshire and Wolverhampton area including the following

  • Brewood C OF e Middle School
  • St Johns CE (VC) First School Bishops wood
  • St Michael’s First School Penkridge

Anthony has been teaching as a peripatetic tutor in school’s since 2010. If your child is going to be taking guitar lessons for the first time or already taking guitar lessons here is some information that may help.

What Guitar?

For beginners a 3/4 size acoustic guitar with nylon strings is recommended. They are relatively cheap to buy and good value for money. They will not need an amp as you would with an electric guitar.  If your child enjoys playing guitar, when they have grown out of the 3/4 size guitar then would be an I deal time to for getting a full size electric guitar or bigger sized acoustic guitar. Not every child will stick to playing an instrument as it takes time and dedication to get the best results. So it is really not worth spending lots of money on a first guitar. If your child really enjoys playing let them do some work to get that shiny new electric guitar. Here is a link to one of the acoustic guitars that is good value for money and worth taking a look at  Acoustic Guitar Link

You can get this same guitar cheaper without the case but for transporting to and from school it is best to have a case. The nylon strings are soft on the child’s fingers and gives the fingers chance to toughen up and get stronger. Steel strung guitars are more harsh to the finger tips making if harder to play and the child will end up with sore fingers very quickly which may put them off playing.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 07803608156

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