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Acoustic Guitar Exam Success

Acoustic Guitar Exam Success
Sophie Passes with Distinction Registry of Guitar Tutors

A Very Happy Sophie Passes Her Grade With Distinction

Over the years of teaching guitar I have entered 100’s of students into Rockschool examinations which are primarily for electric guitar. I am now happy to announce I am now entering students for Registry of Guitar Tutor Performance Exams for acoustic guitar. There has been a growing surge over the last year or so of people wanting to take acoustic guitar lessons. The Registry of Guitar Tutors Performance exams are perfect for people who may get nervous in front of an examiner, as these exams can be entered via a video recording any time you are ready, which I can do in my home studio during a lesson. We then get the results and a nice certificate around 2 – 3 weeks later. These exams are also open to any age, so why not have a few acoustic guitar lessons and have a go at gaining  a recognised guitar qualification from London College of music.

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